Martels Funeral Services Limited

Private Chapel of Rest


At the time of Bereavement

When someone dies at home

If the death occurs at home the first step to take is to contact the deceased’s doctor. They will visit and confirm that the person has passed away and certify the death. You should then contact Martels Funeral Services and we will organise the removal of the deceased from the house to our Chapel of Rest.

If the death is unexpected, and the doctor is unable to certify the death, the Police will be called and will organise transportation to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital. The deceased will remain at the Hospital until the death can be certified.

When someone dies at a nursing home or the hospital

If the death occurs at one of the Nursing Homes, the staff will arrange for a doctor to visit. You should advise the Matron or another member of staff at the Home to contact us and we will organise the removal to our Chapel of Rest. The Funeral Director will then be in touch to organise an appointment at your convenience.

If the death occurs at the Hospital, the doctor attending the deceased will usually certify the death. You should then contact us and we will make an appointment to meet with you to make the necessary arrangements.

If the death is sudden or unexpected

In the case of a sudden death, the doctor may be unable to issue a medical certificate straightaway which gives the cause of death, in which case he or she will contact the Law Officers of the Crown. The Law Officers of the Crown will either authorise the doctor to issue a death certificate or may, in certain circumstances, order a post mortem to confirm the cause of death, and in exceptional cases may request an inquest.

When a death occurs overseas

If the deceased passed away overseas, the Hospital in that area will deal with the initial processes required. Returning the deceased to the Island for the funeral is formally known as ‘repatriation’. We have considerable experience in repatriation, not only to and from the United Kingdom, but also worldwide. We are in regular contact with Funeral Directors in the UK in organising such arrangements. 

If a death has occurred overseas, or the circumstances differ from the above, please contact us and we can advise what steps will need to be taken.