Martels Funeral Services Limited

Private Chapel of Rest


What do I do?

We understand there will be issues which may naturally worry you as there are a lot of other arrangements, outside that of the funeral, to take care of when someone dies. We have put together some general guidelines of what needs to be attended to at the time of bereavement which you can find under the 'At a time of Bereavement' section of this booklet, under the heading 'Who to inform'. This includes information regarding getting in touch with relevant States Departments, Utilities, the Bank etc.

If the deceased has made a Will, you should check whether they have left any request regarding the funeral i.e. burial or cremation, where the service is to take place, and any particular requests concerning hymns and readings.

After you have been in contact with a Funeral Director and made all the funeral arrangements, the person officiating at the service will meet with you and discuss the type of service you want.