Martels Funeral Services Limited

Private Chapel of Rest


The Funeral Service

Discuss with you the service you would like - a religious or non-religious service, burial or cremation - and organise the day, time and location of the service and all the relevant arrangements this entails.

To liaise with the relevant persons - the Law Officers, the Greffe, medical staff, those involved in the service e.g. the Minister or person officiating, vergers, organists etc. to make all the necessary arrangements.

We will also organise all the other aspects of the funeral further to your wishes, including service sheets, hymns or other music, and transport.

The minister or person officiating will have discussed the service when he/she calls on the family.

We are in attendance at the Church or alternative venue normally three quarters of an hour before the time of service, to make sure that the appropriate number of seats are reserved for the family mourners, to seat everyone who attends and to accompany the mourners to their seats just prior to the start of the service.

We also list the names of everyone who attends the service, which is then sent to the next of kin to add members of the family who may not have been included or any representations (of people who are unable to attend the service) that may have to be added, also any corrections to spelling of names and relationship to the deceased. A copy is returned to us if the family wish the report of the funeral to appear in the Guernsey Press, which is the only place which still prints (as a service to the community) the funeral report.