Martels Funeral Services Limited

Private Chapel of Rest


Our services & fees

Our professional staff are available to fulfil your requirements at your home or in our office, to take on your behalf instructions in respect of the funeral arrangements.

We will obtain the ‘death certificate’ from the doctor and register the death at the Greffe.

Once registered, the Greffe will issue the official copies of the certificate, which we collect and will post to the next of kin or executor. On the day of the funeral the Funeral Director will be in attendance, with all the necessary staff.

For the attendance of our staff, the provision of a suitable vehicle and equipment necessary to bring the deceased into our care, preparing the deceased as appropriate and dressing in own clothes or a gown as required, laying to rest in the coffin, providing the facilities to care for the deceased until the funeral, including, if desired, viewing by appointment.

Our range of fees cover our expenses for arranging and conducting the funeral, and caring for the deceased; supplying a traditional coffin fully lined and furnished, making all arrangements and registration; conveyance and attendance to Hospital/Home and transfer to Private Chapel, including the hearse and four bearers at the funeral.

(An extra charge would be made for out of hours, and if six bearers are required, and if the coffin is placed in the church an hour before the service / or overnight, also a daily charge of £5.00 could apply if we have to retain the human remains longer than 15 days prior to the funeral).


Service at Le Foulon Crematorium £2,690.00
Service in Church followed by Cremation £2,995.00
Service in Church followed by Burial £3,050.00
Basic cremation with no service and no-one present, with a simple coffin. The cremated remains would be available 48 hours after the cremation in a standard container from the crematorium.   £2,100.00


Guide to Coffin Prices

Plain sided coffin furnished and lined for Cremation £650.00
Plain sided coffin furnished and lined for Burial £705.00
Panel sided coffin furnished and lined for Burial £755.00
Solid Oak panelled with raised lid coffin furnished and lined burial £1155.00

All coffins (excluding cardboard coffins) are fully lined and frilled, furnished with three pairs of handles, wreath holders and an engraved name plate. All our coffins are environmentally friendly, as they are sourced from sustainable and managed forests.

Retention of Cremated Remains

We will keep the cremated remains for six months, after which we will require written instructions to keep longer, or the family may be requested to collect them from us.