Martels Funeral Services Limited

Private Chapel of Rest



(payments made on the families behalf)

Insertion Guernsey Press £150.00 to £400.00
Insertion National Papers £300.00 to £500.00
Attendance of name taker at Service, to process list to family and to send to Guernsey Press to be published £90.00
Printed Order of Service: examples 4 page 100 copies from £142.00, 
             8 page booklet from £198.00, 12 page booklet from £225.00

Death Certificate / Certificate of Cremation, per certificate £20.00
Medical fee for Cremation Part A and B payable to Doctors £216.00
Removal of Pacemaker (for Cremation only) - Fee at discretion of Doctors  
States Cremation fee £662.00
Minister and Church fees vary from Church to Church starting at £318.00
Organist £93.00 and Verger/Caretaker £47.00 £140.00
Ministers fee for Service at Le Foulon Chapel or Graveside Service £150.00
Foulon Chapel fee (Service in Chapel only) £171.00
Committal fee Le Foulon after service in Church £78.00
Organist at Le Foulon Chapel £93.00
Grave digging, Plot and Burial fees at Parochial Cemeteries from £500.00
Grave digging and Burial fee at Le Foulon Cemetery £2,355.00
Purchase of grave plot at Le Foulon Cemetery £2,770.00
Purchase of Ashes plot at Le Foulon Cemetery £262.00
Cemetery fees for Burial or Scattering of Cremated Remains £25.00 to £250.00
Ministers fee for Burial or Scattering of Cremated Remains £87.00
Our attendance for Burial/Scattering of Cremated Remains (if requested) £80.00
Mourners car (4 persons per car) from £100.00
Mourners car (8 person MPV people carrier) from £110.00
Oak Casket and engraved plate for Cremated Remains £85.00
A selection of Urns and keepsakes for Cremated Remains from £65.00
Boxed Plastic Container for Cremated Remains £30.00
A selection of disposable scattering tubes from £35.00
Oak cross with name plate (temporary grave marker) £90.00
Removal from Hospital/ Nursing Homes and Private Residences £210.00
Removals from Hospital etc. (as above) but out of hours £310.00
Coffin un Church the night before Service £325.00
Hearse and four Bearers £513.00
Hearse and six Bearers £643.00
Service held at our Chapel of Rest £170.00